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How to Register

To Register as a Venue Act or supplier you will need to first register. Click on The register Here Tag on the top of the site.  To Register and be on the site is  FREE

That will generate a short form and it will ask you for your name, email address, a password and you will need to enter the code shown.

You will then receive an email which will give you your login details, you can then login and change your password and enter your full contact details, upload photos, any youtube links and of course describe your services.

You can check your status and profile as you co along and receive help tips

You can also select which Categories you wish to be listed under 

Once you have saved all of your details the Pro-Promotion team will check that your content is suitable and we will then activate your account for you.

Your account will not be made active without images, description and contact details being completed. once this has been done you will be activated.

This can sometimes take up to 24 Hours

Your venue/act or business will then be listed on our website for the public to see.

As a venue or an act at the Highest  level you will also be able to post and see jobs and events and if you are an act bid for them.

There are many other services that you will be notified of as part of Pro-Promotions from time to time.

If you edit your portfolio it will go offline until we reactivate you depending on what you change.

If you need any help just send us an email to or give us a call on 01424 721479

Please don't for get to join our mailing list which you can do on the home page footer.